Kickr Power Trainer V5 2020

KICKR V5 SMART BIKE TRAINER • The Ultimate Indoor Training Experience • NEW FEATURES! - KICKR AXIS Feet - +/- 1% power accuracy - Auto-calibration to ensure reliable power accuracy • GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR KICKR TRAINING EXPERIENCE: • KICKR AXIS Customizable cushioned feet respond to movements from changes in tempo and body position, mimicking the side-to-side movement experienced when riding outdoors • Axis is included in box for new KICKR V5 • Accessory sold separately for all previous KICKR models (183625-01) • NEW! KICKR A virtually silent design, combined with a 16 lb. flywheel, makes KICKR the most realistic indoor training experience.. • SPEED, DISTANCE, POWER AND CADENCE • KICKR provides vital cycling metrics including speed, distance, cadence, and power • PROFESSIONAL-GRADE DURABILITY • KICKR’s heavy-duty frame and components provide best-in-class precision, stability and durability